Faulty Shoes vs Wear and Tear


Inappropriate shoe selection and incorrect fit can both drastically affect the longevity of your child’s shoes. This is why, at Skobi, we would love to assist you with your selection to ensure your child gets the shoe that suits them best.

We’re proud of the fact that our shoes are handcrafted by real people. This can mean that from time to time a fault may occur. Generally, most faults are clear functional errors that are either immediately apparent or become noticeable within the first few weeks of wear. We do not consider a shoe to be faulty after several months of regular wear – this would be classified as general wear and tear, and as podiatrists we are very aware that all children will wear their shoes at different rates. In order to avoid excessive wear and tear, we recommend that you select a shoe that is most appropriate to your child’s needs and activity levels. If you’re unsure as to which shoe will suit your child best, please contact one of our Skobi Specialists and we will guide you with some recommendations.

If you have a concern about the wear, or a possible fault, of your child’s shoes, please contact us right away, and we will have one of our friendly Podiatrists assess the shoes for you.