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The pressure to pick the best
These days society is ripe with judgement. We’re judged by what we wear. We’re judged by the car we drive. We’re judged for how we dress our kids. We’re judged for taking the kids to the doctor too soon (it...
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Does my child really need orthotics?
Have you ever seen the show Family Feud? A team member answers a question, getting more points for the most obvious answer (as voted by the audience). Let’s try one… What word first comes to mind when I say “Podiatrist”?...
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Barefoot play… Is it good for my child?
Barefoot play is a question we are often asked about as Podiatrists. Should my child be barefoot? Is it ok for my child to wear ‘barefoot’ style shoes? Will I be doing my child a disservice if I let them play barefoot? Obviously as a Podiatrist it’s incredibly difficult to make a broad generalisation without seeing each child and their feet… but here’s my perspective in a nutshell (in other words, without having seen your child’s feet!).
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