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The pressure to pick the best

These days society is ripe with judgement. We’re judged by what we wear. We’re judged by the car we drive. We’re judg...

How long should my school shoes really last?

There’s this age old thought that school shoes should last the entire school year…. If you’re lucky enough to be one ...

Does my child really need orthotics?

Have you ever seen the show Family Feud? A team member answers a question, getting more points for the most obvious a...

What is Mindfulness and how can it help me?

Ever heard of this thing called Mindfulness?  Yes, of course you have!  Every blog from here to Africa will hold some...

Barefoot play… Is it good for my child?

Barefoot play is a question we are often asked about as Podiatrists. Should my child be barefoot? Is it ok for my child to wear ‘barefoot’ style shoes? Will I be doing my child a disservice if I let them play barefoot? Obviously as a Podiatrist it’s incredibly difficult to make a broad generalisation without seeing each child and their feet… but here’s my perspective in a nutshell (in other words, without having seen your child’s feet!).

What you need to know about buying school shoes

The annual back to school period is a hectic time for parents and children. The long list of supplies and uniforms ca...

What is the most common reason you run late for school in the morning…?

For many families, the answer is variable…oversleeping, delayed breakfast, sick pets, car trouble, exam day. For some...

Passing down school shoes… to do or not to do….

Passing school shoes down to younger siblings and friends is often cause for debate between parents and friends. And a justifiable one too… because it serves as a great way to save a dollar (or two!). However, is it the right thing to do? 
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