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About Us

Skobi was born out of our pure frustration with the current offering of school shoes in the Australian Market. As Podiatrists and parents, we were constantly on the search for school shoes that met our needs… and after a decade of fitting children’s shoes in our Paediatric Podiatry Clinic, we decided to take the challenge upon ourselves. Jason and I have been those parents seeking the ever-elusive brown school shoe. We’ve worked with kids who can’t bare the thought of putting a shoe on their foot. We’ve seen plenty of 10 year olds whose fine motor skills prevent them from tying their shoe laces. We also understand that some kids love to jump in puddles…even on the way to school.  

Because no two children, and no two feet are the same, we’ve combined our podiatric skillset with our parental understanding to design 5 ranges: Skobi Simple, Skobi Staple, Skobi Sport, Skobi Senior and Skobi Splash. At Skobi, we work closely with our European factories that offer good working conditions, and utilise only the finest leathers and manufacturing processes, to ensure that each and every shoe creates the ultimate in feel, form and function.

Many long nights were spent toiling away to ensure every last stitch was where it was intended. We hope you love the Skobi range as much as we do!

 Sophie & Jason

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