We've all seen our kids in the school shoes we used to wear. It seems not much has changed in decades.

Everything we do at Skobi is touched by our founders. We see patients, visit stockists, and even LiveChat with you right here.

Being hands on gives us invaluable feedback when we visit our factories (yep we go there too!) in Portugal, China and Turkey to ensure our school shoes meet the highest production standards; and that annoying thread you told us about can be adjusted.

And it's not just the threads. The factories we collaborate with are small and family owned, just like Skobi is. Each of our five factories have over 30 years and 3 generations of specialised experience in manufacturing children’s shoes.
Our Skobi leathers are sourced locally in their countries of production, and each shoe is hand-crafted using century old techniques by local shoe makers. Many locals are employed between our factories, where positive working environments are assured.

We ensure all of our materials are specifically selected for their purpose.
For the kids who can't bear the thought of wearing shoes, we choose leathers that are incredibly soft. And for the kids who are rough and tumble, our leathers are complimented by premium textiles, which are purposefully selected to meet the wear needs of the shoe style.

Skobi textiles are comprised of lightweight, breathable and durable alternatives.