What is the most common reason you run late for school in the morning…?

What is the most common reason you run late for school in the morning…?

For many families, the answer is variable…oversleeping, delayed breakfast, sick pets, car trouble, exam day. For some families, the answer is consistent…sensitivity with shoes & socks that becomes unmanageable.

Children whom present to our clinic with sensory processing (in one form or another) is much more common than many people think.  These children will often have significant tactile (touch and feel) issues with day to day objects – one of the most common being their school shoes and socks.  Sensory issues commonly present as uncomfortableness, or sometimes even pain, in response to the feel and fit of their shoes. Often, this manifests in repeated attempts to gain the right ‘feel’ before heading off in the morning, sometimes ending in pure frustration and refusal to wear any shoes! 

After many years of listing to families relay their ‘sensory’ stories, several commonalities are apparent between them. Many children have a history of irritation with tags on clothes and rough bed sheets. At times there is an overreaction to minor scratches, scrapes and bug bites. And from time to time we see children toe walking to avoid certain surfaces. The list goes on. Most parents we encounter follow an educated and caring pathway, attempting any and every coping mechanism in the book in order make each and every day simpler…easier.

As far as shoes go, we’ve found that in the majority of these situations, it is easier to modify the footwear rather than the behaviour. The Skobi Simple range was developed on exactly this premise. Each of the Skobi Simple shoes have minimal internal stitching and seams… so there’s one less thing to worry about in the morning! The school shoes are incredibly light without compromising on support and control, which means they’re not only well tolerated by the children, but Mum and Dad can also put their mind at ease knowing their kids are in a well-constructed, supportive school shoes. 

Take control back of the morning routine and keep the kids happy.

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