How to care for your Skobi Shoes

School Shoes

Taking good care of your school shoes will improve the longevity of your Skobi's. Here are a few of our recommendations.

Regular polishing

We strongly suggest a weekly polish of your school shoes with Waproo Renovating Polish. This will prolong the life of the leather.

Avoid slipping on shoes

Slipping on your shoes (without undoing the laces or velcro) will cause the heel counter to collapse over time, which will in turn reduce the support that your shoes provide.

Regular cleaning

A damp cloth is all that is needed to wipe off any dirt and grime. This will reduce the likelihood of stains and permanent marks on the leather.

Leather protectant

Prior to wearing your Skobis you may wish to spray your shoes with a water repellent. (First check that your protector is safe to use on leathers, and follow the manufacturer’s directions). This will provide a protective layer to shield your shoes from the elements. Skobi Splash shoes do not need to be treated as they have already been treated with a natural water inhibitor.