Skobi Design & Materials

Skobi Leathers and Textiles

Skobi leathers are sourced locally in the countries of production, and each shoe is handcrafted by local shoemakers in factories that maintain positive working environments. Given the unique nature of the production, and that the leathers are sustainably sourced in small batches, there may be slight variation in colour and consistency from time to time. We ensure that all of our leathers are specifically selected for their purpose – for example, Skobi Simple leathers and all lining leathers tend to be the softest within our range. Being a natural product, our leathers will age nicely with wear, and become softer over time, however we strongly recommend you take good care of your shoes in order to improve their longevity.

Complimenting the leathers, are Skobi’s textiles, which are purposefully selected to meet the wear needs of each style. Skobi textiles comprise of lightweight, breathable and durable alternatives.

Skobi Levels of Support

When selecting school shoes it is important to consider the level of support which the shoe offers. Each of Skobi’s levels of support are designed to meet the varying needs of children. All levels will all comfortably accommodate orthotics, but will ultimately contribute to a different support outcome. Skobi has 3 levels of support:

Natural motion
  • Unlike a barefoot shoe, which is void of any support, Skobi’s natural motion shoes offer support, however they provide a softer, more flexible feel underfoot. Our natural motion shoes are the most lightweight in our Skobi collection. Sensitive kids, first time school shoe wearers and younger children tend to respond nicely to this feel.

    Moderate stability

    Most children will comfortably wear a moderate stability offering. This support level offers a reinforced heel counter, a slightly firmer sole unit (than a natural motion style), and will nicely accommodate orthotics if required. Most of these styles tend to carry a little more weight than our natural motion styles.

    Optimal stability
    Often parents seek a maximal stability option. Some children will need the additional reinforcement of a slightly deeper heel counter and a slightly firmer sole than is found in the moderate offering.


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